Ejercicios con adjetivos, pronombres posesivos y pronombres objetos en inglés


In this article, we present three different activities to practice exercises with adjectives, possessive pronouns, and object pronouns in English. These activities are designed to help improve your understanding and usage of these grammar concepts. Each activity contains a series of exercises focusing on adjectives, possessive pronouns, and object pronouns.

Activity 1: Fill in the Blanks

1. She has ___________ own car.

2. This is _________ cat.

3. They washed __________ clothes.

4. My parents bought __________ a new phone.

5. I like ___________ hair.

6. The book is ___________.

7. We saw ____________ at the park.

8. Can I borrow ___________ pen?

9. The teacher praised ___________ work.

10. Do you want ____________ ice cream?


1. her

2. my

3. their

4. me

5. her

6. interesting

7. them

8. your

9. their

10. some

Activity 2: Multiple Choice

1. Whose backpack is this?

a) My

b) Mine

c) Me

d) I

2. The flowers look beautiful. ___________ smell is amazing.

a) Your

b) Yours

c) You

d) You’re

3. Can you pass ___________ the book, please?

a) I

b) Me

c) Mine

d) My

4. We enjoyed ____________ at the beach.

a) Our

b) Ours

c) Us

d) We

5. The movie was ___________.

a) Interesting

b) You

c) Your

d) Yours

6. Tina and ___________ visited the museum yesterday.

a) Her

b) Hers

c) She

d) They

7. I need to talk to ___________ about the project.

a) He

b) Him

c) His

d) He’s

8. These seats are ___________.

a) Our

b) Ours

c) Us

d) We

9. They gave _____________ a gift for my birthday.

a) Us

b) Our

c) Ours

d) We

10. Whose umbrella is that?

a) My

b) M

c) Mine

d) Me


1. a) My

2. b) Yours

3. b) Me

4. a) Our

5. a) Interesting

6. a) Her

7. b) Him

8. b) Ours

9. a) Us

10. c) Mine

Activity 3: Sentence Completion

1. He is ___________ than me. (tall)

2. That is ____________ coat. (my)

3. Can you pass __________ phone to ___________? (me, her)

4. The cat looked at ____________. (it)

5. We will meet ____________ at the coffee shop. (them)

6. I don’t like ____________ yoga. (doing)

7. These shoes are ____________. (comfortable)

8. The concert was ____________. (amazing)

9. Could you give ___________ a hand? (me)

10. His backpack is __________. (heavy)


1. taller

2. my

3. me, her

4. it

5. them

6. doing

7. comfortable

8. amazing

9. me

10. heavy

📝 Trucos para los adjetivos y pronombres posesivos

1. Para formar los adjetivos posesivos en inglés, simplemente se agrega ‘s al final del sustantivo. Por ejemplo: «my dog» (mi perro), «his book» (su libro), «their house» (su casa).

2. Los pronombres posesivos en inglés también son fáciles de recordar. Algunos ejemplos son: «mine» (mío/mía), «yours» (tuyo/tuya), «his» (suyo/suya), «hers» (suyo/suya), «ours» (nuestro/nuestra), «theirs» (suyo/suya).

3. Recuerda que los adjetivos posesivos tienen que concordar en género y número con el sustantivo al que pertenecen. Por ejemplo, si el sustantivo es plural, el adjetivo posesivo también debe ser plural. Por ejemplo: «my cats» (mis gatos), «our friends» (nuestros amigos).

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