Ejercicios de determinantes y pronombres posesivos en inglés

Los determinantes y pronombres posesivos en inglés son palabras que se utilizan para mostrar posesión o una relación de pertenencia. Estas palabras siempre van antes del nombre que poseen.

Los determinantes posesivos son my, your, his, her, its, our y their.

Los pronombres posesivos son mine, yours, his, hers, ours y theirs.

A continuación hay tres actividades para practicar los Ejercicios de determinantes y pronombres posesivos en inglés.

Actividad 1: Completa con determinantes

  1. This is not my pencil, it is ___ (Maria) pencil.
  2. We are going to the party, but we can’t find ___ (we) invitations.
  3. ___ (I) brother is older than ___ (you) sister.
  4. The cat is sleeping in ___ (it) bed.
  5. ___ (They) house is bigger than ___ (he) apartment.
  6. Is this ___ (you) book or ___ (she) notebook?
  7. ___ (He) favorite color is blue, but ___ (I) is green.
  8. ___ (We) teacher said ___ (she) class was the best.
  9. I can’t find my keys, but ___ (they) are on the table.
  10. ___ (She) bike is new, but ___ (he) is very old.

Actividad 2: Completa con el determinante correcto

  1. The book of John is on the table. → ___ book is on the table.
  2. The car of Mary is very fast. → ___ car is very fast.
  3. The shoes of the children are muddy. → ___ shoes are muddy.
  4. The phone of Steve is new. → ___ phone is new.
  5. The dress of Sarah is red. → ___ dress is red.
  6. The glasses of my father are on the desk. → ___ glasses are on the desk.
  7. The toys of the dog are in the basket. → ___ toys are in the basket.
  8. The house of my grandparents is big. → ___ house is big.
  9. The garden of the neighbors is beautiful. → ___ garden is beautiful.
  10. The bikes of the boys are in the garage. → ___ bikes are in the garage.

Actividad 3: Utiliza el determinante o pronombre posesivo correcto

  1. ___ (They) dog is bigger than ___ (he).
  2. Is this ___ (I) coat or is it ___ (you)?
  3. ___ (We) vacation was great, how was ___ (they)?
  4. The keys are not mine; maybe they are ___ (she).
  5. ___ (He) phone is missing. Have you seen ___ (I)?
  6. This is ___ (she) book, not ___ (our).
  7. ___ (You) glasses are on the table, but where are ___ (he)?
  8. The children found ___ (they) toys, but ___ (I) are still missing.
  9. ___ (We) teacher is kind, but ___ (they) can be strict.
  10. I can’t find ___ (my) shoes. Are these ___ (you)?

Espero que hayas disfrutado practicando con estos ejercicios de determinantes y pronombres posesivos. No te olvides de ver otros ejercicios de inglés de la web para seguir practicando. ¡Buena suerte!

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