Ejercicios de Present Perfect con Just, Already y Yet en inglés


Este artículo presenta tres actividades diferentes para practicar ejercicios de Present Perfect con las palabras «just», «already» y «yet» en inglés. Estas tres palabras se utilizan para hablar sobre experiencias pasadas y su relación con el presente. Cada actividad incluye 10 ejercicios que te ayudarán a familiarizarte con el uso correcto de estas palabras.

Actividad 1:

En esta actividad, se presentan 10 frases incompletas y se te pide que completes cada una con «just», «already» o «yet» según corresponda.

1. Have you ________ finished your homework?

2. They ________ left for the airport.

3. I haven’t seen him ________.

4. She has ________ turned in her resignation.

5. ________ you seen the latest episode of your favorite TV show?

6. We have ________ booked our tickets for the concert.

7. ________ they arrived at the hotel?

8. He hasn’t ________ arrived at the office.

9. She has ________ finished reading the book.

10. ________ you ordered pizza for dinner?

Respuestas: 1. just, 2. already, 3. yet, 4. just, 5. Have, 6. already, 7. Have, 8. just, 9. just, 10. Have

Actividad 2:

En esta actividad, se presentan 10 frases afirmativas y negativas donde se debe utilizar «just», «already» o «yet» en la forma correcta.

1. I ________ finished my presentation.

2. They haven’t ________ seen the movie.

3. Have you ________ visited the new museum?

4. She has ________ taken the test.

5. We ________ bought new furniture for the living room.

6. He hasn’t ________ cooked dinner yet.

7. ________ she applied for the job?

8. They have ________ completed the project.

9. Have you ________ eaten lunch?

10. We ________ moved to a new house.

Respuestas: 1. have just, 2. yet, 3. already, 4. just, 5. have just, 6. yet, 7. Has, 8. already, 9. just, 10. have just

Actividad 3:

En esta actividad, se presentan 10 preguntas y se te pide que respondas utilizando «just», «already» o «yet».

1. ________ you finished your work?

2. Have they ________ left for their trip?

3. ________ she visited the Eiffel Tower?

4. Have you ________ seen the latest movie?

5. ________ they arrived at the party?

6. ________ you read the new book by your favorite author?

7. Have you ________ bought a new car?

8. ________ he received the package?

9. ________ you started learning a new language?

10. ________ they booked a hotel for their vacation?

Respuestas: 1. Have, just, 2. already, 3. Has, yet, 4. Have, just, 5. Have, just, 6. Have, just, 7. Have, just, 8. Has, just, 9. Have, already, 10. Have, yet

📝 Tips para entender el presente perfecto con «Just,» «Already» y «Yet»


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