Ejercicios de Somebody, Something, Somewhere, Anybody, Anything y Anywhere en inglés

Actividad 1: «Describe las imágenes»


1. Observa las siguientes imágenes y describe a alguien, algo o algún lugar en cada una de ellas usando «somebody», «something» o «somewhere».

2. Escribe tus descripciones en inglés en un papel o en tu dispositivo electrónico.

3. Intenta usar diferentes tiempos verbales y adjetivos para hacer tus descripciones más detalladas.


1. ________ is standing on top of a mountain. He/she has a backpack and is enjoying the view.

2. In the picture, there is ________ colorful and delicious on a plate. It looks very appetizing.

3. In this image, there is ________ special happening. People are celebrating and there are balloons everywhere.

4. ________ is sitting on a bench in a park, reading a book. He/she seems relaxed and content.

5. There is ________ interesting happening in this photo. A group of people are dancing and having a great time.

6. ________ is walking along a sandy beach. The sun is setting and the waves are crashing gently.

7. There is ________ beautiful and majestic in this picture. It is a historic castle surrounded by green fields.

8. In this image, you can see ________ very unusual. It’s a strange-looking creature nobody has seen before.

9. ________ is cooking in the kitchen. The person is wearing a chef’s hat and is preparing a delicious meal.

10. ________ is playing the guitar in a street performance. People are gathered around, enjoying the music.

Actividad 2: «Fill in the blanks»


1. Completa las siguientes oraciones usando «anybody», «anything» o «anywhere» en el espacio en blanco.

2. Escribe tus respuestas en inglés en un papel o en tu dispositivo electrónico.

3. Intenta usar diferentes tiempos verbales y estructuras gramaticales.


1. I’m hungry. Is there ________ to eat at home?

2. I haven’t received ________ from Sarah. Have you heard from her?

3. Don’t worry, I can do ________ for you. Just let me know what you need.

4. ________ can join the meeting tomorrow. It’s open to everyone.

5. Have you seen ________ interesting on TV lately? I’m looking for something to watch.

6. We should go on vacation soon. Let’s explore ________ new and exciting.

7. I can’t find my keys ________. I’ve looked everywhere.

8. There’s a lecture on climate change. ________ interested can attend.

9. I’m not sure ________ is the best way to get to the city center. Do you have any suggestions?

10. It’s such a beautiful day. Let’s go ________ for a picnic in the park.

Actividad 3: «Role Play»


1. En parejas, practiquen una conversación usando «somebody», «something», «somewhere», «anybody», «anything» y «anywhere».

2. Imaginen diferentes situaciones y utilicen los ejemplos dados para construir sus diálogos.

3. Intenta usar diferentes estructuras gramaticales y preguntas para enriquecer la conversación.


1. Person A: Excuse me, could you recommend ________ good to eat around here?

Person B: Sure! There is a great restaurant ________ the corner. They serve delicious Italian food.

2. Person A: Have you seen ________ interesting on the news today?

Person B: Yes, there was a report about ________ new discovery in space. It’s quite fascinating.

3. Person A: I need help with my math homework. Do you know ________ who can assist me?

Person B: I think ________ at the library can help you. They have tutors available.

4. Person A: I want to buy a birthday gift for my friend, but I don’t know ________ she would like.

Person B: Why don’t you ask her? ________ knows her preferences better than herself.

5. Person A: I’m planning a trip, but I’m not sure ________ to go. Any suggestions?

Person B: ________ you haven’t been before? How about visiting a new country?


Actividad 1:

1. Somebody

2. Something

3. Something

4. Somebody

5. Something

6. Somebody

7. Something

8. Something

9. Somebody

10. Somebody

Actividad 2:

1. anything

2. anything

3. anything

4. anybody

5. anything

6. anywhere

7. anywhere

8. anybody

9. what/where

10. anywhere

Actividad 3:

1. something, around

2. anything, somewhere

3. somebody, anybody

4. somebody, anybody

5. anywhere, anywhere

📝 Tips para entender los pronombres indefinidos

1. Utiliza «someone» para referirte a una persona desconocida o no especificada. Por ejemplo: «I saw someone at the park.»

2. Emplea «something» para referirte a algo desconocido o no especificado. Por ejemplo: «There’s something strange in the closet.»

3. Usa «anyone» para referirte a cualquier persona de manera general. Por ejemplo: «Anyone can participate in the competition.»

4. Utiliza «anything» para referirte a cualquier cosa de manera general. Por ejemplo: «You can choose anything from the menu.»

5. Emplea «everyone» para referirte a todas las personas de manera general. Por ejemplo: «Everyone should arrive on time for the meeting.»

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